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Upholstery and Re-upholstery Repairs and Restoration

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We can call our service "Re-build", "Re-upholstery" or "Recover" because we can strip all of our work back to the frame and rebuild it. Re-upholster areas that require it and Recover area's that do not need the full treatment. This is the only way that attention to the frame and springs can be given where necessary to ensure that after re-upholstering, we deliver back to you a piece of furniture that is as near as we can possibly achieve to when it was first made and at a sensible price.
We make most of our collections and deliveries in our own transport, therefore you can be confident that your upholstery will be well looked after.
We have the skills to rebuild antique upholstery as well as contemporary pieces using traditional methods and materials.
We are fairly unique in offering both traditional rebuild and new build skills. It is because of our high quality standards and that they can obtain both services with confidence from one source, that we are widely used by home and houses throughout the West country.


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